7 tips for gamers to save quota

Gamers, internet quota is a necessity for gamers to play games. Especially when there are large-scale social restrictions like today. Many people carry out various activities such as work, study, play games, seek entertainment, and talk at home by relying on features based on internet information services.

Since the COVID-19 corona pandemic, many online game sites have increased dramatically because everyone can’t go anywhere, therefore the number of viewers for YouTube or other games has of course increased very significantly.

Especially for gamers who are of course obliged to play the game every day. Surely the internet quota can increase. For those of you who still depend on living expenses from their parents, surely this is going to cause tension. However, for those of you who already have your own income, an increase in your budget for internet quota will definitely cut your weekly night budget.

So, so that you always save money when playing games, browsing, streaming, or anything that uses the internet, you can practice the following methods.

  1. Limit Data Usage

A very simple way, of course, is to provide limits on internet usage on your cellphone. How is the trick? Enter the “Settings” feature on your cellphone, then tap “Usage Cycle Information.

  1. Selection to play small games

There are many games with small dimensions that relatively do not suck up internet quota, both when downloading them and when implementing updates. The little games are no less cool, you know how they look. Moreover, it could be no less exciting than a quota wasteful game. Just try Gameloft’s Asphalt Nitro or Zombie Frontier.

  1. Turn off the auto game update feature

Online game developers certainly include an auto-updating feature in the game so that the games you play, especially mobile games, automatically update. It definitely requires a quota. Hence, turn off that feature by disabling it. Or, you can control auto renewal when you get a Wifi network.

  1. Stay away from playing games coincided with social media applications

Don’t get used to playing games to coincide by opening other applications, Gaess. Not only do you want to waste battery, playing games by opening social media applications will really use up your internet quota because there is coincidentally large information traffic.

  1. Look for games where there is a lot of signal

This also wants to save battery energy as well as your quota. Playing the game in a place with poor signal will cause a connection to disconnect so that the quota is sucked up a lot for buffering.

  1. Limit the use of streaming

If you like playing games, you are always obliged to sort and reduce other routines that suck up your quota, such as streaming music and videos. For those of you who often watch the usage of streaming, of course this is very wasteful of quota and of course if you like or like streaming, of course you have to choose a 360p image quality display because this will save your quota but only the pictures are not so clear. but you can still enjoy it and the images at this quality are quite okay guys, therefore you also have to limit streaming because this is a waste of your internet quota and of course it will suck up very quickly.

  1. Keep an eye on consuming data

If you are a gamer, of course you have to monitor your data usage or you can also set your daily usage limit so you can monitor your usage on that day because if you don’t monitor, of course it will waste your internet quota if you don’t monitor it and you don’t know. how much quota you have used.

Well guys, that’s a way to save your internet quota, hopefully this article can help you to overcome if you experience waste when playing online games or streaming in the midst of this Covid 19 pandemic. that’s all we as admins ask permission to end the article and thank you very much for the attention of the readers.

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