Best Mage Item Builds in 2020

Hello guys, meet again with us, your beloved admin, of course for this time you must be very impatient, aren’t you waiting for the review of this article? of course we also have to prepare several articles to be posted every day so that the articles are not tinny and you are bored to read.

On this occasion we will discuss mobile legend items for you so that you can find out the functions of these items so that you don’t buy the wrong items when you are playing with a predetermined role.

But before we get into the item, we will review a little about the legendary mobile game so that you also know what the legendary mobile game is, the mobile legend is an Android version of the moba game where previously there might only be a computer version of the moba game like dota 2.

With the existence of this Android moba game, of course the number of players is exploding and of course many of the dota players are turning to mobile legends because they can be played anywhere and anytime without having to bother opening or carrying a laptop because this game can be accessed using your cellphone and of course requires an internet connection to be able to access this game.

Mobile legend is a 5 vs 5 game where there is a blue team and a red team to win by destroying the opponent’s turret or the opponent’s substation if which team succeeds first to destroy the turret, of course, the team will win in the game.

Now we go straight to the topic of our discussion this time, namely the discussion of Magic Mobile Legend items, let’s go to the points below.

Feather Of Heaven
This item is able to add 40% magic power in addition to magic damage to ordinary attacks against heroes, and more interestingly, this item has additional attractiveness such as +65 Magic Power and +30% Attack Speed ​​and + 5% Mov Speed, so if you already have This item, of course, will be much better if your hero uses attack speed like Harry’s hero and automatically the hero you play will be very IMBA if you have obtained this item.

Ice Queen Wand
This item is unique in that it uses a skill that will cause your enemy to be slower in movement, namely by reducing the target’s movement speed by 15% and this effect lasts for 3 seconds and can be stuck up to 2 times and the uniqueness in this item is this item. has additional attributes, namely +75 magic power, + 10% spell vamp, +150 Mana, + 7% movement speed therefore this is a mandatory item for a mage to kill his enemy very quickly.

Lightning Truncheon
This item every 6 seconds, the skill that is generated from the next damage will produce additional magic damage that hits 3 adjacent enemies, this damage will increase along with the increase in your hero mana, so the bigger which one you get, of course your attacks will be more painful and unique. This item has additional damage of +75 magic power and +300 mana and 10% CD Reduction.

Necklace of Durance
What’s interesting about this item is that this item is able to reduce the regeneration effect of the target’s HP by 50% when hitting the hero and lasts 3 seconds and it is interesting again from this item that it has additional attributes such as +70 magic power and + 10% CD Reduction and + 10%. Spell vamp is very interesting, right? Of course this item is used by a support person to eliminate and help the team to beat up enemies who have heavy lifesteal.

So guys, those are some items that are mandatory for a mage, hopefully this article can help you understand the functions or passive skills of the items that we have explained, thanks for the attention of the readers.

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