Recommended Defense Items for the Best Tanker!

Recommended Defense Items for the Best Tanker!

On this occasion we will discuss mobile legend items for you so that you can find out the functions of these items so that you don’t buy the wrong items when you are playing with a predetermined role.

But before we get into the item, we will review a little about the legendary mobile game so that you also know what the legendary mobile game is, the mobile legend is an Android version of the moba game where previously there might only be a computer version of the moba game like dota 2.

With the existence of this Android moba game, of course the number of players is exploding and of course many of the dota players are turning to mobile legends because they can be played anywhere and anytime without having to bother opening or carrying a laptop because this game can be accessed using your cellphone and of course requires an internet connection to be able to access this game.

Mobile legend is a 5 vs 5 game where there is a blue team and a red team to win by destroying the opponent’s turret or the opponent’s substation if which team succeeds first to destroy the turret, of course, the team will win in the game.

So we go straight to the topic of our discussion this time, namely the discussion of the item Defense mobile legend right away, let’s go to the points below.

  1. Wings Of The Apocalpse Queen
    This item can reduce the damage from the hero who attacks you by 50% and can provide additional lifesteal by 30%, when your hp is below 40% and the uniqueness of this item is that it has an additional attractiveness of +15 psy atk, + 1000hp and + 10%. CD Reduction, therefore this item is usually used by a fighter whose aim is to mess up the opponent’s defense system, by provoking all skills to come out against him.

2. Thunder Belt
This item has passive abilities such as using skills and the next regular attack will generate a true damage increase of 2% of our Hero’s total HP and will slow down your target and around for 1.5 seconds and this effect has a cooldown of 1.5 seconds and of course the uniqueness of This item has an additional attribute of +800 HP, +30 Mana Regeneration, + 10% Cooldown Reduction and +40 Additional Armor. Of course this item will be very useful for a tank or support in a legendary mobile game.

3. Immortality
Revive your hero in 2 seconds and after death and restore 15% of his HP, while providing a shield that can absorb 300-1000 points of damage from nearby enemies and this shield can last for 3 seconds, this effect has a cooldown of 180 seconds and the uniqueness of this item is to have +800 HP and +40 magic res so that a tank can withstand a mage attack.

4. Dominance Ice
This item can reduce the enemy hero’s movement speed by about 5% and the enemy’s attack speed can be reduced if hit by this item by 30% and of course the uniqueness of this item is that it has additional attractiveness such as getting +500 mana, +70 armor and 10% crit. chance Reduction. And the passive skill of this item is that it gets 10% CD Reduction.

5. Brute Force Breastplate
This item is able to get a movement of 3% and also get a psy attack and additional magic resist of 4% after attacking the enemy, this effect can be stacked 5 times and lasts for 4 seconds and the uniqueness of this item is to have an additional attractiveness of +770 HP and +45 armor. And with this item, of course, it can increase the defensive strength of a tank.

So, those are the attack items in the mobile legend, hopefully this article can help you with these attack items, my boss, so thank you for the attention of the readers.

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