RRQ (King of Kings qeon) menangis MPL Invitational – 4 Nations Cup

Hello Gamers, Surely you are already familiar with the word Rex Regum Qeon squad? Of course, this is the proud team of the Indonesian Mobile Legend and many other teams such as EVOS Legend, AURA Esport, Onic E-Sport, and many other squads.

But in a legendary mobile game, of course there is something called the Inter-Country Tournament and we need to know that our country, namely Indonesia is able to conquer enemies out there, and managed to pocket 1.4 billion for the victory in MPL yesterday against RSG with a landslide score. which is 3-0.

In the final party which was held on 5/7/2020, it is known that RRQ again faced its previous opponent in BO 5 / Best Of Five and we need to know that this Indonesian proud team was able to dominate the game against Resurgence. Where RRQ managed to conquer its enemy in just 9 minutes, guys.

In the second half, RSG seemed eager to avenge their defeat in their first half, the RSG players seemed to play very aggressively in Ganking (siege to RRQ) so that the match looked very fierce and until there was a very important moment for RRQ to take over the game. and began to dominate the fierce match again.

In Round 3, Rex Regum Qeon surprised everyone including his own opponent by taking Balmond’s hero as an offlaner position played by an R7, where R7 is the best offlaner in Indonesia. Not long after, Lemon and the other team brought back the duet between Khufra (LJ) and Hayabusa (XIN) which made RRQ even more feared that all teams played with their respective mainstay heroes and looked really amazing and of course made the enemy tremble very much.

As well as coming out as champion, Rex Regum Qeon also managed to carve a beautiful and proud name for Indonesian gamers and managed to carve a personal record at the MPL Invitational 4 Nation Cup tournament in 2020. The record in question and managed to carve beautifully is where the RRQ team is a team that has never played out. defeat at the MPL Invitational. And RRQ always gets a score of 2-0 without a reply.

Meanwhile, EVOS Legend, which maybe other people thought that they could overthrow Rex Regum Qeon, was made helpless for this season after losing to Rex Regum Qeon with a score of 2-0 without the slightest reply. It is the same with the RSG team which is the MPL Singapore Champion, which from the beginning it was predicted that it would be a tough opponent for RRQ. Instead, RRQ embarrassed the opponent in two meetings not having lost at all.

So, but you are still confused about what the MPL Invitational 4 Nation Cup is, so take a look at the article below so that you understand and understand what MPL means this time.

The MPL Invitation 4 Nation Cup is a tournament that was held to replace MSC 2020 which was supposed to be held this year but was canceled because what we know is that there is a corona pandemic that is hitting all the world, especially in Asia.

As the name implies, the 4 Nation cup tournament for the highest mobile legend in Asia is only followed by 4 countries, namely Malaysia, Singapore, Myanmar and the State of Indonesia, because the four countries have the same server so they can play or be awarded online without having to look at each other. face with other players so that it won’t cause the spread of Covid 19.

Now that’s all from the admin, I hope this article can increase your knowledge about mobile legends and find out which teams are in Indonesia. So thank you for the attention of the readers and apologize if there are errors in typing the words, we as admins ask permission to end this article.

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