Some Positive And Negative Impacts Of Technological Development

Some Positive And Negative Impacts Of Technological Development

Hello gamers, meet again with us as the admin of this article, how are you readers? Of course healthy, right? Those are all of our hopes for health every day, on this occasion Mimin will discuss the development of game technology and the impact on online gaming, therefore, see the article below together so that we can find out what effects it has. we can get when we play online games.

Technology is indeed created to make it easy for users and technology can be used as a means of having fun and releasing fatigue when we work under pressure or regularly and we need to know that with online games, of course it makes people happy to carry out daily activities. -the day.

Many of us people use smartphones or computers to do things that can make our moods happy when we are experiencing stress when facing everyday life that might make us stressful in life, even though maybe it will just make accessing social media and for virtual world life to find the things we like.

Many people play online games to release emotions and some even play online games and earn income from these games, therefore there are so many enthusiasts of online games that make players feel challenged when playing in a game that is busy with players. .

The development of technology at this time cannot be doubted because we need to know that for now, with every day, of course, technology is increasingly developing, especially when technology enemies, such as Android and Apple, of course become strong rivals in the world of technology.

Android and Iphone, of course, will always update their products so that they are more visible to the public’s eye and of course to increase the attractiveness of buyers to buy products from both of them, starting from the appearance to the processor they own, of course, really support the two companies.

Current technological advances are also very influential for the development of online games, online games that were originally only created to play for fun by playing offline and for now can be accessed using the internet because of technological developments that encourage these games to be accessed. and enjoyed online.

The development of technology, of course, not only encourages online games but also encourages like the Playstation 4 and Xbox One, with the next gen console, of course, player comfort will be prioritized in playing games because thanks to the features that are owned, it is increasingly sophisticated and comfortable for d access.

Impacts in Playing Online Games
We need to know guys that if we play online games, of course it makes us addicted to playing online games continuously, therefore there are positive and negative impacts if we access online games too often.

Positive impact

Can generate rupiah coffers in the game
Can be an E-Sports athlete
Add insight or friendship
Reducing Stress
Can learn self-taught to be good at speaking English
Can reduce pain or pain when we are sick
Negative impact

Too Over When Playing So It Can Cause Risk To The Body
Eyes Being Minus Because playing too many games online
Make yourself lazy to do anything
Makes us become distracted at work
Now gamers, that is an article that we have made, hopefully this article can help you to find out what weaknesses and advantages you will get if you play online games, so thank you for the attention of the readers and apologize if there are errors in typing words -said and we as admin please permission to end this article.

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