Some Rex Regum Qeon Mobile Legend Players

Hi gamers, how are you readers? Of course healthy, right? These are all of our hopes, because we need to know that health is the main key in life because with a healthy body, of course we will find it easier to carry out our daily activities.

Discussing health, we need to know that our country, namely Indonesia, is ranked 26 in the world because the level of infection with the corona virus is quite large, which is around 120 thousand people and has claimed more than 8,000 people, therefore we also have to maintain cleanliness and health .

There was once a government regulation that implements the Work from Home system where every worker can only work at home without meeting people in the office because face to face, of course this virus will spread very quickly, but after thinking about it of course it is not can.

Because with WFH, of course it makes it difficult for all people who work on the roads such as motorcycle taxis or other public transportation to feel a decrease in income because of this system, therefore the government is reintroducing a new normal system but it needs to pay attention to the regulations that the government applies,

Now, instead of discussing the corona virus for a long time, we say there will be no end, let us look at the Mobile Legend Rex Regum Qeon players who won the MPL Invitational 4 Nation last week.

James (Coach)
James is RRQ’s coach and of course James used to be a pro player too, and there is no need to doubt about strategy or technique problems in the game or draft that has been determined by a coach, of course this is very good and brings RRQ’s name to soar very high and we also need to know that James has succeeded in bringing RRQ to become the King of all kings who are feared by foreign teams, even the Indonesian team thinks RRQ is the toughest opponent in the Mobile Legend game.

Lemon (M. Ikhsan)
Now here is the alien from Rex Regum Qeon, whose game is always amazing and makes other players or pro players feel proud because they have individual skills that are somewhat of a cure, so anyone who meets him must be very suffering in that lane, this player is a mage player or it can be said that all roles have been mastered by lemons.

Vyn (Calvin)
Vyn in the RRQ team is a captain in the game and of course Vyn has the best tank / support role in Mobile Legend, Vyn herself is also from Indonesia, and we need to know that she has excellent individual strategies or skills and very good initiations. for a support.

Wizzking is an assassin or mid laner who usually also takes turns with an XIN, and this player also has good cooperation and of course also has individual skills which are quite okay, especially if you play Selena, because we need to know that she is the top global selena. tablets, therefore selena a wizzking is highly respected by the opponents.

R7 (Rivaldi Fatah)
R7 is a person who has a role fighter where he is the best fighter in the world of mobile legends, so of course everyone who meets or 1 lane against him will definitely feel daunted because he has a strategy and skills that are fairly great.

LJ (Joshua Darmansyah)
LJ is the best tank in the world of mobile legends and every game he plays will definitely make the players feel very amazed because of the courage and good initiation of an LJ, especially if he plays khufra, of course people will be very afraid when they meet him.

Now, friends, are some RRQ players who have shocked the world because their skills are of course very frightening to the opposing teams so that the name of Indonesia is very fragrant in the Mobile Legend Bang-Bang game.

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