The Official Game of Might & Magic®: Era of Chaos in Southeast Asia

Today, Ubisoft has officially released Might & Magic®: Masa of Chaos which can be obtained by the Google Play Store and the App Store for Southeast Asian players, this game also has Indonesian

Initially Might & Magic®: Masa of Chaos was released 8 months later, but only in certain areas and only provides Pre-registration in Indonesia starting in mid-July 2020. Players who have pre-registered will receive the Catherine Pirate Skin and 500 The gem they started the game today.

The game invites players to build an army of heroes and iconic units from the Might & Magic® franchise, as well as to produce a game experience specially designed for mobile platforms, all recreated in a distinctive graphic style. Players can also choose various modes such as single player, multi-player, and Campaign modes.

Exploring the story of Heroes of Might & Magic III, Fashion Solo Campaign in Might & Magic®: The period of Chaos wants to bring players back to the land of Erathia. Following the disappearance of King Roland Ironfist of Enroth, his wife, Queen Catherine, was forced to rule alone. Meanwhile, his father, King Gryphonheart of Erathia, had already been killed.

Without their beloved King, the kingdom of Erathia fell to black power. Queen Catherine moves back to Erathia and attempts to round up the people from her homeland and guide them against the evil that has destroyed their land.

The campaign is just one of 20 different game modes in the game. Single-player PvE modes include Main Campaign (Story Missions), Special Fashion as well as Underground bonus levels. Not only that, players can explore multi-player competition through Arena (non-real time PvP mode), Arena ranking (real time PvP), Duel between Champions (Pick & Ban Fashion), Inter-Server Tournament, Guild exploration mode or War between Guilds.

This expansion in Southeast Asia also offers new content such as Duel of Champions (fashion Pick & Ban) and Cross-server Tournaments because there is strong demand for these features in the Southeast Asia region.

“Southeast Asia has become an attractive region that enjoys competitive content. We believe that the accumulation of these new features in addition to support in local languages ​​in this launch will make the game more likable to players and excite them, ”said Rebecca Chen, as Live Producer of Might & Magic®: Ubisoft’s Period of Chaos.

New players can also join this community channel to learn about the various guides & tricks that have been provided in building their strategy better, from collecting and training specific heroes or units, various skill mix strategies, to joining a Guild that is eager to become the one. best.

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